4 Top Tax Deductions for Homeowners Selling their Homes in Asheville

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments of your lifetime. In addition to cashing in on your equity, did you know there were deductions available for the expenses you encounter when you’re selling your house? You can keep even more of your profits by utilizing these tax benefits to your advantage. You … Continued

5 Estate Sale Tips for Property Owners in Asheville

Are you an estate representative who needs to liquidate an estate and wonder how to have an estate sale? While typically held after a loved one has passed, estate sales may be helpful when going through a divorce or other personal transition which requires the disposal of a household full of items. Going through all … Continued

How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work in Asheville

So you need to sell your house, and you’re aware of unpermitted work on your home. If you find yourself in this situation and are unsure what step to take to get started, you’re among many homeowners in the same spot. In any real estate transaction, disclosure is a serious legal matter, and you could … Continued

5 Signs You’ve Owned Your House for Too Long In Asheville

Browsing homes for sale online? Wishing you had more or less land? Development next door? Maybe it’s time to move!  Signs may be telling you that the time has come, though you may be ignoring them. Is the thought of moving, dealing with showings, or dread of the entire traditional sale process delaying the inevitable? … Continued

5 Tips to Help You Prepare For Moving in Asheville

Leaving the Blue Ridge Mountains behind, or just relocating in the area? Saying goodbye to your home and moving requires closure for many homeowners. Changing your mindset and making the anticipated move a reality can be made easier through careful preparations. You’ll find five tips below that will help you prepare in every way, including … Continued

How to Get the Best Price for Your Run Down House in Asheville

Decided to sell but have condition problems? Homes that haven’t been maintained and have become an eyesore create a unique set of issues for their owners. If you find yourself holding property in less-than-stellar condition, we will explore how to get the best price for your run-down house in Asheville. Avoid Contingencies Frequently, sellers with … Continued