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3 Ways Selling Your Home Has Changed Over the Last 5 Years in Asheville

The real estate market has undergone several changes over the past five years that have significantly altered the approach to selling homes because of the changes in what buyers look for and how they look. No longer is it enough to tidy up and stick a for sale sign in the front yard, waiting for a qualified and willing buyer to drive by. Instead, technological advances have improved the streamlining of information and a new understanding of how best to present real estate utilizing the most up-to-date methods to appeal to highly savvy online buyers from across the globe, increasing profits efficiently through well-structured systems. 

In understanding buyers’ mindsets and motivations, you attain the best selling price by acting on that knowledge.  So read on as we explore three ways selling your home has changed over the last five years in Asheville.

Listing Expenses

The expenses of listing associated with a real estate agent’s marketing when selling your home have changed over the last five years in Asheville. Professional stagers are typically employed not only to present the best qualities of your home in its best light but also to help a buyer’s imagination. Through careful arrangement and use of color, stagers create a blank canvas upon which buyers can paint a mental scene and see living out their lives in the space. Stagers understand that when a favored sports team banner, a personal item like a trophy, or even the slightest sign of a pet, buyers feel the homeowner’s presence and possession of the space instead. Buyers expect professional digital imagery of the highest quality and typically scroll by listings with poor-quality images. In addition, as societal norms have evolved, 360-degree virtual tours have become standard to meet the demands of buyers on a worldwide online platform, eliminating distance issues and limiting in-person showings to more serious buyers. Finally, consider the expenses to hold onto the property during the listing agreement; it can all add up while you wait for your buyer, along with the inspection, appraisal, commissions, fees and closing costs. Selling directly to local professional home buyers like those at Asheville Cash Buyers offers a solution that saves sellers time and hassles while cutting out all the listing expenses; you won’t even pay commissions or closing costs. 

Buyers Expectations

Buyers are focused on meeting several of their needs in the home they buy, which is another way selling your home has changed over the last five years in Asheville. In addition to the desire for good schools and other nearby amenities—they’re seeking a home in ready-to-move-in condition, designed to meet the demands of an online-focused lifestyle, with space for remote work or education. They desire more walkable communities and backyards with pools and outdoor entertainment or the potential room for these additions. Buyers are zeroing in on their target market and narrowing down the candidates with a heightened awareness. They can determine if a property is over or underpriced at lightning speed and move on to listings that align with the current market value. Buyers in this market aren’t typically seeking fixer-uppers. However, some may have the financial means to throw out lowball offers and put in the work, hoping for the bargain of a lifetime at sellers’ emotional and financial expense. Direct buyers like the professional home buyers at Asheville Cash Buyers are local professional investors who have evolved as another option for sellers to avoid the stress of negotiations and the hassles of showings, with closings in as fast as a few days. You’ll also save money because at Asheville Cash Buyers, our direct buyers will make an offer that sellers agree is fair for their property in as-is condition. We detail every number used in our offer calculations. Unlike the competition, we will tell you if a listing is the better option given your extenuating circumstances, including the value of convenience in your busy life, the speed at which you need to sell and any financial constraints. Either way, when working with a professional home buyer at Asheville Cash Buyers, you’ll know exactly how much your home is worth.

Asheville Cash Buyers

Homeowners today prefer different options than those available five or ten years ago, which is why at Asheville Cash Buyers we’ve created a way to make the process of selling your house as convenient and fast as possible. We’ve made a special promise to our customers: our team will help you get an offer on your property without obligation. Our goal is to give you all the facts you need in order to make an informed decision, including all the benefits of direct sales. Ask us questions at any time about how we can buy your home directly and close quickly, so don’t hesitate to reach out today for more information!
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