Asheville Real Estate Flood Zones

Whiteboard Wednesdays #11 — Asheville Real Estate Flood Zones In an area like WNC with sometimes unpredictable rains and fast-flowing mountain streams, flooding is a reality of life.  But, while we may come to accept this, it can make buying a house a bit trickier. It’s not always obvious that a home lies in a … Continued

Asheville Real Estate: NC Offer To Purchase And Contract

Whiteboard Wednesdays #10 — NC Offer To Purchase And Contract When buying a home, the amount of legal documents and numbers involved can be enough to make your head spin!  But with a bit of patience and understanding, you can navigate the process with confidence. To help you do so, we’re breaking down the first … Continued

Asheville Real Estate Home Inspection

Whiteboard Wednesdays #9 — Asheville Real Estate Home Inspection Tips There are some things most every buyer knows to look out for when considering the purchase of a home – a leaky roof, cracked foundations, rusty pipes, and such.  These are, of course, important things to watch for, but there are other more subtle signs … Continued

Asheville Real Estate: 5 Tips To Screen Tenants

Whiteboard Wednesday #8 — 5 Tips To Screen Tenants “There’s no such thing as a bad tenant, there’s just a lazy landlord.”  It’s an adage for landlords to live by, if not to take without a grain of salt at times.  Essentially, the statement means this: if a landlord does a thorough job of screening … Continued

Asheville Real Estate: Fixtures and Exclusions

Whiteboard Wednesdays #7 — Fixtures and Exclusions Many a homebuyer has fallen in love with some special aspect of a home – an ornate light fixture, modern ceiling fan, or sleek and spacious refrigerator – only to discover that the seller intends to take it with them when they move.  While a fridge might not be … Continued

Whiteboard Wednesday #6 — Agents Commission

Whiteboard Wednesday #6 — Agents Commission  Anyone who’s bought or sold a home through a real estate agent has paid one: an agents commission.  They’re a widely accepted part of the real estate business, and many agents’ main source of income. Agents work hard to sell properties and get great deals for their clients, but, … Continued

Marketable Title vs Insurable Title — Whiteboard Wednesday #05

Marketable Title vs. Insurable Title In the previous episode of Whiteboard Wednesdays, we discussed the concept of a title search and how it can benefit both buyers and sellers.  This episode, we take a look at marketable title vs insurable title, and how a potential buyer should look at each. A marketable title is, in … Continued

How Foreclosure Will Impact You In Asheville

Across the country, people are still losing their homes to foreclosure every day. The banks are taking houses and leaving hard-working people with nothing to show for it. If you are behind on your mortgage, you don’t have to let the fear of foreclosure ruin you. There are alternatives! In our latest post, we explore … Continued

Whiteboard Wednesday #04 — What is a title search?

What is a title search? When it comes to buying or selling a home, arguably the most important aspect is the title search.  Without it, accurately determining ownership and the financial state of the property becomes next to impossible.  So how can you, as either the buyer or the seller or a home, ensure that … Continued

5 Steps To Easily Sell Your House in Asheville

Are you thinking about selling a house in Asheville? You have many options when it is time to sell. If you choose to go the traditional route, follow the steps below! Or if you would prefer to get a direct offer on your property almost immediately, give Asheville Cash Buyers a call today! 828-222-6443  Get Your House … Continued