What To Do With Your Expired Listing In Asheville

Are you dealing with an expired listing in Asheville? We can help you with a fast, fair, and simple solution! Find out how easy the process can be! We’ll buy any house right away, making the selling process much easier than you’d think! For a homeowner who wants to sell a house in Asheville, dealing … Continued

5 Perks of Downsizing Your House In Asheville

Downsizing your house in Asheville comes with a lot of perks! Nowhere does it say that you have to hold onto your house forever. Check out some of these great benefits you can achieve by downsizing your house in Asheville!  As the years go by, what we need in a house will likely change. It … Continued

6 Reasons To Avoid The MLS When Selling Your Asheville House

If you own real estate, you have probably heard of the MLS. It is a members-only website that is joined by real estate agents in the area. They have a local level, a state level, and a national level. Joining this association designates the agent as a Realtor. They must pay to access this service. … Continued

Tips For Selling Your House With Owner Financing In Asheville

What is owner financing? This is a type of sale where the owner finances their own buyer or becomes the bank. The owner will usually have similar terms to a bank for a buyer to qualify. They expect a down payment, interest over a loan, and can also foreclose for non-payment. This is also a … Continued

5 Things To Know About Selling Your Vacant Land In Asheville

Buying and selling vacant land is usually a specialized facet of the real estate market. If you own vacant land or are thinking about owning vacant land, here are five things to know about selling your vacant land in Asheville. Market is Less Active The first thing you need to understand about selling your vacant … Continued