How to Build a Waynesville Real Estate Portfolio Even if You Have Bad Credit

Time is money, which is especially true when discussing real estate investments. Don’t let your current financial status affect your future. While you can attain financing from sources other than conventional lenders, you should constantly strive to repair any damage to your credit as you build your portfolio and increase your monthly cash flow. If errors on the report have caused the damage, follow through with correcting the error or hire professionals to do so quickly.

Great wealth and security in retirement can be created by taking steps today towards your brighter tomorrow despite your credit standing. At the bottom of everything lies the importance of performing due diligence, buying the right investment property, tenant, and management quality which protects your income and investment. Read on as we explore how to build a Waynesville real estate portfolio even if you have bad credit 

Owner Financing

One option for financing your Waynesville real estate investment is owner financing. This may be a good option for you if you have bad credit and are having trouble qualifying for a traditional loan. When approaching the owner about this possibility, be sure to have a well-crafted proposal outlining all the reasons why this arrangement would benefit both parties. Negotiating skills are essential in order to reach an agreement that is acceptable to both parties. With some careful planning and preparation, owner financing can be a great way to build your Waynesville real estate portfolio.

Hard Money

Individuals or companies will make hard money loans so you can build a Waynesville real estate portfolio even if you have bad credit. However, you will need at least 25% down and carry higher interest on this short-term loan, often used by flippers. Keep in mind that the asset is the security for the loan. Your interest rates will likely lower with private individuals as you build a relationship, and they are more secure about your continued success. You should be ready to present the details pertinent to lenders and describe why the property and you make a good investment.


Your networking efforts pay off as you seek out a partner who has skills you may lack, matches your work ethic, and has money to invest; you can work together to build a Waynesville real estate portfolio even if you have bad credit. In addition, gatherings of investors, skilled tradespeople, and industry professionals allow you to seek out team members who will become valuable players in your real estate investment business.


If you own and home and have built equity over time, you could seek out a line of credit to build a Waynesville real estate portfolio even with bad credit. Due to the jumps in current market values, you may be sitting on enough equity to give your investment portfolio the boost you seek.

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