Asheville Real Estate: Fixtures and Exclusions

Whiteboard Wednesdays #7 — Fixtures and Exclusions Many a homebuyer has fallen in love with some special aspect of a home – an ornate light fixture, modern ceiling fan, or sleek and spacious refrigerator – only to discover that the seller intends to take it with them when they move.  While a fridge might not be … Continued

What is an Asheville House Cash Offer?

If you have thought about selling your house then you have heard of the term  “cash offer.” What exactly is a cash offer? If you sell your house to someone who is using traditional financing do you receive less money, does the house go down in value, or what exactly is the difference? At the … Continued

Selling Your Asheville House As-Is: Three Points to Know

Recently we were asked what does it mean to by an Asheville House As-Is condition?  After discussing and explaning what an As-Is sale, we came to the realization that there might be others asking the same question and not able to find the answers. Selling your house in As-Is might be a good option, to help … Continued