Negotiating Rent In Asheville

Negotiating Rent In Asheville

While it’s commonplace to negotiate when purchasing a home, the thought would never cross many renters’ minds – the landlord sets the going rate, and a potential renter either pays the price or looks elsewhere, right?  Not necessarily! In this episode of Whiteboard Wednesdays, we take a look at how negotiating rent in Asheville can be done in one of two ways.

First, a potential renter can negotiate the price.  This is perhaps the most obvious means of negotiation – a landlord asks a certain amount for a property, say $1000 per month, and a renter offers a slightly lower price, maybe $900 per month.  It’s perfectly acceptable to ask for reduced rent, but be sure that you can justify your request. What can you offer to the landlord to make the rent reduction worthwhile? Perhaps you have excellent credit or stellar references to ensure that you’ll be a great tenant, or are skilled in maintenance and could contribute to the upkeep of the home.  Know what you can afford and what you’re willing to pay, and what you can bring to the table to convince the landlord to come down on price.

The other means of negotiation is to discuss terms with the landlord.  It may be that the landlord has advertised a certain set of terms – a year-long lease, a no-pets clause, or the exclusion of utilities or lawn care – for a property at a given price point.  You as a renter may be able to get more bang for your buck by negotiating terms rather than price – maybe you can negotiate to have your water bill paid for by the landlord, or, with positive references, for them to allow you keep pets that might not otherwise be allowed.  It’s always worth making a reasonable request – you won’t know unless you try!

So, whether you’re a renter on a budget or someone with specific requirements for your home, don’t be discouraged if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for at just the right price.  Ask the landlord if they’re willing to negotiate, know what you can bring to the table, and you just might find that you get a great deal!  


Negotiating Rent | Whiteboard Wednesday
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