Asheville Home Inspection

Asheville Home Inspection Tips

There are some things most every buyer knows to look out for when considering the purchase of a home – a leaky roof, cracked foundations, rusty pipes, and such.  These are, of course, important things to watch for, but there are other more subtle signs of a home’s health that buyers should pay attention to as they conduct an Asheville home inspection:

  1. Look under the sink – buyers should check beneath both kitchen and bathroom sinks for signs of moisture, mold, and rot.  These can be indicative of larger problems throughout the house and are therefore important to be aware of.
  2. Check the flooring around toilets – push down on the floor/subfloor around the toilet to see how solid the floor is.  This can be a prime spot for hidden water damage, and it’s an easy way to check the overall condition of the subfloor.
  3. Look for signs of water erosion around the property – in general, water should run away from rather than towards a house’s foundation.  By looking for signs of water erosion and noting the direction in which the water appears to flow, a buyer can get a good idea of potential moisture and flooding risks.
  4. Check for signs of termite damage – buyers should be sure to look in crawl spaces and similar areas for any signs of termite damage, obvious or subtle, before purchasing a home.

By paying attention to details like those listed above – and by obtaining a professional home inspection – buyers can feel confident in the structure of a home and ensure that they don’t discover any nasty surprises after move-in.  


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