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3 Ideas to Find Home Buyers on Facebook In Asheville, North Carolina

3 Ideas to Find Home Buyers on Facebook In Asheville, North CarolinaIf you’re like a lot of us, you probably think of Facebook as just a place to hang out and have fun, getting and posting recipes and jokes, keeping in touch with friends and family, and picking up the occasional news tidbit.

But it can be a lot more than that and can have some effective business uses. So if you’re trying to sell a home, you may want to use these tips.

3 ideas to find home buyers on Facebook in Asheville

1. Treat Facebook Like an Inbound-Marketing Channel

First, don’t try to use an unfocused shotgun approach, and don’t try to force Facebook marketing into the old outbound marketing mold. Instead, think of it as inbound marketing.

According to a post titled “Stop Failing on Facebook: 8 Ways to Rake in the Real Estate Leads“, some sellers, using well deployed Facebook inbound marketing techniques, are garnering “over 100 highly targeted leads a month into their email database.” The goal isn’t to broadcast a bunch of “let’s see what sticks to the wall” sales pitches or ads or to get a ton of “likes.” No, the goal is to get targeted leads and then to convert them – using the tested inbound techniques of the internet marketer – because, like it or not, you’re now in the inbound marketing business.

2. Use Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook has all the data, and you can leverage that fact and let Facebook use that data to help you sell homes. Well-thought-out and carefully crafted Facebook ads can get great results – or they can be a waste of both time and money.

Facebook keeps track of all those bits of data (interest indicators) about what people want based on what they type on their wall, what they comment on, and what they share. Facebook then feeds all that into their algorithms. As a result, they know exactly who is interested in buying a home in Asheville, the kind of home, and the price range. For example, Facebook knows (and has reported) that 1,135,580 users show interest in the “Real Estate” category.

All you have to do is use the available keywords and audience demographics to target your specific audience. Couple that with some top-notch copywriting in your ad, all the while making sure to treat it as inbound marketing, and you should have a winning combination.

3. Find the Influencers on Facebook in Asheville

If you want to find home buyers on Facebook in Asheville, you’ll definitely want to look into this last one. It takes less time and effort and builds on targeted, already-established audiences.

There are people out there in the real estate industry with a huge, effective, lead-generating Facebook presence. There are also people who are simply sharing information (content) a potential home buyer would find interesting, readable, and shareable. And often these two groups are the same or at least overlap quite a bit. They are recognized as experts and have a lot of clout. So why not take advantage of this existing marketing power?

Your job is to seek out and identify these people who are popular and influential on Facebook in the area of home buying and selling. Then, having found them, you can begin to interact – not just plug your home selling business. You might, for example, like their pages or post useful, insightful comments on their posts. The goal is to get your name and your houses in front of a much larger audience than you could using your influence alone.

Use These Tips

So use these 3 ideas to find home buyers on Facebook in Asheville and leverage the power of this social media channel. Get higher returns on your effort, time, and money invested with these ideas and take advantage of the potential for the greater number of targeted leads you can generate. To discover more, just give us a call at 828-672-3250 or fill out the form, on our website.

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