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5 Things To Watch For When Screening Tenants in Asheville

Screening tenants in Asheville is one of the most important tasks you will have as a landlord. Learn about what to watch out for in our latest post! When choosing who you want to live in your house, the process can be overwhelming. Someone may look great on paper but be the opposite in person … Continued

Asheville Real Estate News blog What To Do If Your Tenant Asks To Sublease In Asheville

What To Do If Your Tenant Asks To Sublease In Asheville

There are a variety of reasons why your tenant may ask to sublease in Asheville. Some landlords are fine with it, while others are not. Learn more about the process in our latest post! Sublets can work out just fine so long as the tenant has received the permission of the landlord. All contracts need … Continued

4 Effective Methods for Advertising Your Asheville Rental Property Asheville Cash Buyers

4 Effective Methods For Advertising Your Asheville Rental Property

Knowing how to effectively advertise your rental property can make all the difference in your profits as a landlord in Asheville. Check out these tips on how to advertise your rental property to attract the best tenants around! Owning a rental property does nothing for you if it is sitting empty. Once you buy an … Continued

Should You Rent Your Property Out Room By Room In Asheville?

If you want to rent your property in Asheville, you may have considered renting it out room by room. This can be a great option for houses near universities or in other more transient areas. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons of renting your house room by room in Asheville. Some landlords … Continued