Asheville Flat Fee Listing

Asheville Flat Fee Listing When it comes to listing a house, sellers have a number of options.  They can, of course, go the traditional route and work with a seller’s agent for a percent commission, or they can go it alone and attempt to sell entirely on their own.  Or, if they are reluctant to … Continued

4 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Listing With An Agent In Asheville

Selling your Asheville house through an agent? Make sure you read this blog post that reveals 4 mistakes you should avoid when listing when an agent in Asheville… If you’re looking to sell your Asheville house, or if you’re an agent who is selling houses in Asheville then here are 4 mistakes you should avoid … Continued

How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent in Asheville

Hiring a real estate agent in Asheville can be frustrating. So what are the steps on how to find a good real estate agent in Asheville? Many local large real estate brokers will spend thousands of dollars each month to ensure that their agents are the most visible, whether it be online, in the Yellow Pages, … Continued

What is an Asheville House Cash Offer?

If you have thought about selling your house then you have heard of the term  “cash offer.” What exactly is a cash offer? If you sell your house to someone who is using traditional financing do you receive less money, does the house go down in value, or what exactly is the difference? At the … Continued