Are Asheville Zillow estimates accurate?  | Whiteboard Wednesday

Are Asheville Zillow estimates accurate? The majority of home buyers begin searching for a home online, and most will find themselves on Zillow at one point or another.  The popular website offers listings and estimates for a wide variety of homes in many areas, but it can sometimes be difficult to know whether they information … Continued

Lease Termination Notices | Whiteboard Wednesdays S2 E2

Lease Termination Notices It can be one of the least enjoyable aspects of renting, from the perspective of either the landlord or the tenant: terminating a lease.  It’s also one of the most important to get right, as there are legal requirements that must be met to ensure a smooth and mutually agreeable end to … Continued

Asheville Real Estate Closing Costs

Asheville Real Estate Closing Costs Anyone who’s ever bought or sold a home is likely familiar with the concept of closing costs – these are the various costs associated with the sale of a home, outside of the actually price of the property itself.  But what, exactly, are the closing costs? In this first episode … Continued

Cash vs. Conventional Financing – Whiteboard Wednesday #16

Cash vs. Conventional Financing Most of us are familiar with conventional financing – you go to a bank and take out a mortgage, enabling you to purchase a home.  But what about cash financing? What exactly does it mean for a buyer to offer cash for a property, and how does a cash transaction differ … Continued

How To File An Eviction In Asheville – Whiteboard Wednesday #17

How To File An Eviction In Asheville It’s never fun to file an eviction – there’s usually been a breakdown in communication between landlord and tenant, and emotions can run high.  The tenant often doesn’t wish to leave, and, in most cases, the landlord would have preferred to avoid the eviction as well. If you … Continued

Asheville Real Estate Flood Zones

Whiteboard Wednesdays #11 — Asheville Real Estate Flood Zones In an area like WNC with sometimes unpredictable rains and fast-flowing mountain streams, flooding is a reality of life.  But, while we may come to accept this, it can make buying a house a bit trickier. It’s not always obvious that a home lies in a … Continued

Asheville Real Estate: NC Offer To Purchase And Contract

Whiteboard Wednesdays #10 — NC Offer To Purchase And Contract When buying a home, the amount of legal documents and numbers involved can be enough to make your head spin!  But with a bit of patience and understanding, you can navigate the process with confidence. To help you do so, we’re breaking down the first … Continued

Asheville Real Estate Home Inspection

Whiteboard Wednesdays #9 — Asheville Real Estate Home Inspection Tips There are some things most every buyer knows to look out for when considering the purchase of a home – a leaky roof, cracked foundations, rusty pipes, and such.  These are, of course, important things to watch for, but there are other more subtle signs … Continued

Asheville Real Estate: 5 Tips To Screen Tenants

Whiteboard Wednesday #8 — 5 Tips To Screen Tenants “There’s no such thing as a bad tenant, there’s just a lazy landlord.”  It’s an adage for landlords to live by, if not to take without a grain of salt at times.  Essentially, the statement means this: if a landlord does a thorough job of screening … Continued