5 Questions to Ask Before You Sell Your House to Cash Buyers

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A report by the National Realtors Association shows there were over 5.83 million sales of existing homes in 2019. Of these, 11% were completed through direct sales without a listing agent. More and more homeowners now realize the benefits of ditching the realtor and selling a house FSBO.

Cash buyers in North Carolina provide an attractive alternative to the traditional route. You get to sell your house fast with instant access to a cash offer. But how will you determine that you have found the right cash buyer? Here are five questions to ask your private investor before sealing the deal.

1. Is the Cash Buyer Purchasing the Property “As-Is?”

Real estate agents usually demand that homeowners make certain improvements to their homes to make them appealing to potential buyers. These repairs and renovations can be expensive, with some having little-to-no return for investment. When you sell your house for cash, you do not need to make the costly renovations. Most cash buyers will purchase the property “as-is.” You should not have to tidy, patch, or fix up your home. The private real estate investor should provide an instant cash offer after a walk-through of your house.

2. Does the Company Have Experience in Real Estate?

Selling your property on a “for sale by owner” basis can be overwhelming, especially as a first-timer. You may need to know the intricacies of the home selling process. Finding an experienced real estate investor can expedite the process. You need a cash buyer that understands the housing market, pricing, and the title-exchange process. Find out how long they have been in business. How many houses have they bought within your locality? This can help you to determine the buyer’s legitimacy and reputation within your community.

3. Are They Providing a Fair Cash Offer?

Many homeowners may fear working with cash buyers as they wrongfully believe they will only get a low-ball offer. It is essential as a home seller to find out the value of your home. Online valuation sites can help you avoid undervaluing your property. You can also ask around for prices of homes recently sold within your neighborhood. Only settle for a reasonable cash offer with a quick closing date.

4. What Is the Cash Buyer’s Reputation?

You need to find an honest and transparent “we buy homes” company to sell your house. Reputable investors are well known within the community. Check out their website for reviews from past clients. Client testimonials and recommendations from review sites such as Google and Yelp can also point you to the right cash buyers. What is their BBB rating? Finding an open and transparent cash buyer can smoothen the home selling process.

5. Is the Buyer an Ashville Local?

The real estate market in Ashville is incredibly unique. It would help if you had an investor that understands the local market pricing. Most Cash home buying companies obtain licenses for multiple states. While it may be suitable for their business, it may not be ideal for your pocket. Non-locals may lose touch with the community and housing market. You need a buyer that knows the local legislations, documentation required, and correct home value.

American homeowners are quickly embracing the benefits of selling a home without a listing agent. Answering these five questions can quell your anxieties as you plan to sell your house fast to a cash buyer. For home sellers in Asheville, NC, our experts can instantly provide a no-obligation offer with a reasonable closing date.

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