3 Benefits of Choosing FSBO to Sell Your Home

Selling your home can be a good way to solve financial issues, especially since 10% of mortgage holders believed they could face foreclosure in 2018. Whether you’re looking to sell and move to a more affordable location or you are just looking to upgrade to a better home to suit your needs, there are a couple of options you have to choose from.

Most people are familiar with selling their home via a real estate agent. This is the route that many home sellers automatically assume is the best. However, FSBO — or for sale by owner — house selling is quickly becoming a more popular option. FSBO allows you to sell your house without a listing agent and without needed to pay extra commission fees or agency costs. This gives you more control over the sale and can offer a couple of advantages that benefit you as a seller.

1. A Chance to Make More Money

Possibly one of the largest benefits includes the possibility to make more money than you would have through a real estate agent. This is because real estate agents can charge a percentage based on the final sale price of the property. Avoiding this by using FSBO could potentially save you thousands that you’d otherwise miss out on. The money saved can then be put towards your next property, allowing you to invest in making it your new dream home.

2. Your Home Will Have Your Full Attention

When working with a real estate agent, you are unlikely to be their only client. This means that your home may not take priority if they feel another home has more potential to sell faster. However, when using FSBO, your home can have your full attention and be marketed as you would like. This can also allow you to find cash buyers faster, a benefit that can help you make even more on your sale. Selling a house for cash can also be a good choice for those who are trying to sell a home that needs obvious work. Although it might not have gone for much on the market, some cash buyers look for homes they can specifically fix up for profit. This is good news for you because many buyers will be willing to buy your home for more, as they will factor in the price they can sell it for after renovations.

3. You are In Control

When putting your home up for sale yourself, you will be in full control of the process. This means you can do things your way without having someone tell you how you should negotiate, fix up your home for showings, or price it. While this advice can be beneficial for some, it can also make some home sellers feel like they have no control over the process. By using FSBO you will be in charge of everything.

If you are considering selling your home for any reason, FSBO may be the route for you. Not only can it allow you to take control of the selling process, but it can even get you more money overall. Furthermore, services such as Asheville Cash Buyers make it easier than ever to get cash for your home fast. This can help further speed up the process and get you into your next home as soon as possible.

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